“Working with Chris and his staff at the Southwest Conservation District is a pleasure.  It is refreshing to receive assistance from articulate, qualified and passionate people who care about the quality of the environment which affects everyone in this state.”

-Lou, Town of Westport

“As one of Connecticut’s many Municipal Officials faced with meeting and/or exceeding the mandates imposed by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) program, North Haven looked to the Southwest Conservation District (SWCD) stormwater experts for assistance with ‘Education and Outreach’ – one of the key Minimum Control Measures (MCM’s) of the program.

Thanks to the assistance of the SWCD personnel, North Haven was able to apply for and secure the much needed funding to construct a ‘live’ outdoor rain garden and classroom to help it meet MS4 requirements to both educate students, while disconnecting some of its impervious surfaces (parking areas) at the Green Acres Elementary School.  North Haven has found the SWCD to be an invaluable resource when it comes to public education, stormwater management assistance and focusing on the prioritization of projects to disconnect from the Town’s impervious areas.”

-Lynn, Town of North Haven

“When I called upon the Southwest Conservation District to assist with guidance for my town’s public works dept, they responded promptly, came out to the site in question and readily responded with a thorough recommendation letter. They have also provided several intelligent, in-depth reviews for our Inland Wetlands Commission. Chris is very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. SWCD is a tremendous asset to our area.”

-Melissa, Borough of Naugatuck

“The SWCD team was very friendly and helpful! We learned a lot!”

-Haley, Student, City of Meriden

“Chris and his crew at Southwest Conservation are super knowledgeable and friendly and went above and beyond in helping my father resolve a wetlands issue.  We are beyond grateful for their help!”

-Beatrice, Town of Ridgefield

“Accommodating, responsive, knowledgeable and timely – the SWCD team listened to my concerns and made recommendations that combined my needs as well as the environmental needs.”

-Howie, Town of Woodbridge

Chris and the SWCD team are amazing! Their support, guidance, knowledge, and dedication are invaluable.  Whatever the issue, they consistently respond promptly and follow through.

-Becky, Town of Cheshire