Southwest Conservation District

The mission of the Southwest Conservation District is to provide technical assistance, information and education in natural resource conservation and management to agricultural cooperators, landowners and the municipalities in Southwest Connecticut.


The Southwest Conservation District will be holding its 74th Annual Meeting on November 30, 2020 at 5 pm!

This meeting will be held via ZOOM and will go over the successes of the past calendar year and include nominations and elections of members to the Board of Directors. If you are interested in attending the meeting or learning more about becoming an officer and helping to expand the efforts of the District, please reach out to Executive Director Chris Sullivan



73rd Annual Meeting of the Southwest Conservation District

Board members and Executive Director celebrate Denise Savageau and time with SWCD

Board and Staff at 73rd Meeting (Chris Sullivan Exec Dir, MaryRose Palumbo Chairwoman of Board, Denise Savageau Secretary, David McCarthy New Associate Director, Alicia Mozian Director, Steven Johnson Treasurer)


2019 Southwest Conservation District Annual Meeting celebrated the rebirth of the District and in particular the dedication of Denise Savageau to the SWCD for over 24 years.  The meeting also featured the election of a new Board Member, David McCarthy of Branford.