Helpful Tools

CT ECO – Connecticut Environmental Conditions Online – CT ECO is a collaboration between CT DEEP and the University of Connecticut’s Center for Land Use Education and Research (CLEAR) to provide natural resource and environmental information to the public. Users can utilize the online mapping service to view and evaluate natural resource concerns.

CT NEMO Stormwater Assistance Program  – The NEMO Stormwater Assitance Program provides a wide variety of tools to assist communities with the management of stormwater, including mapping services specific to the MS4 permit, webinars, and planning documents and templates.

Epicollect5 – Epicollect is a cellphone app that allows the user to collect geographically-referenced data, using a template that the user develops specifically for the data collection needs.

MS4 Data Management Resources

Geographic Information Systems (GIS): A GIS is a useful software tool for managing infrastructure related to your MS4 system. GIS is able to display multiple layers of geolocated (XY and imagery) data, such as parcels, roadways, stormwater, and other utility infrastructure. With GIS, you can attach information to the data which allows the user to make data comparisons and analyses. There are a number of GIS software packages available including the two identified below.

  • ESRI ArcGIS    ESRI ArcGIS is probably one of the most well-known GIS applications among GIS practitioners. ESRI offers desktop GIS software as well as a cloud-based service, ArcGIS Online.
  • QGIS  QGIS is a free open source GIS software. It provides a desktop application as well as server and web client applications for sharing and publishing on the web.

MS4 Management Software: A number of software packages have been developed to assist with the management of MS4 permits. The following software packages were identified through an internet search. No endorsement of any of the software is stated or implied. Links to demos are provided if they were available on the company websites.