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The Southwest Conservation District manure share program is a free, public service in cooperation with the Natural Resource Conservation Service to facilitate the recycling of valuable nutrients and organic matter from livestock waste. The program offers many benefits as a link between livestock owners and gardeners or professional landscapers! 

By connecting these two groups we hope to alleviate the pressure and cost on livestock owners of disposing of excess manure/compost while also providing a valuable resource for the public to utilize. Of course, the environment also wins by reducing the usage of store bought fertilizers and potentially improving water quality near the manure sources by reducing excess material running off into local water sources. 


If you have Manure that you're looking to get rid of, click the button below to fill out our form and be entered into our manure share database.



If you are looking to acquire Manure from our cooperators please click the link below to access our manure share database and search what is available.



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